Compliments and Why You Should Take Them

One of my favorite things in the world is a good compliment. I love giving them out, but honestly, a piece of me enjoys getting them more than anything else. Is it selfish? Possibly. However, I think there’s a lot to be learned in receiving compliments. So many of us are shy about hearing good things about ourselves, but I am going to attempt to break you of that. (Note: I said attempt. Results may vary.)

I know so many people who reject compliments in the name of humility. They don’t want to be seen as arrogant, so they try and prevent themselves from getting an inflated ego by shying away from kind words. Many of us feel awkward when we’re given too much attention, so we try to deflect compliments at any and all costs.

Humility and modesty are great attributes to carry, but let me challenge you with something: are you really being modest, or are you insecure about the person God has made you to be? I think the reason so many of us have a hard time swallowing compliments is because we’ve gotten so used to comparing ourselves to those around us that we don’t take the time to appreciate the blessings in our lives. We’ve gotten so used to seeing the good in others, that we have neglected that God sees us as precious in His sight as well.

Compliments are much more than flattering words to turn you into a self-centered machine. Compliments point to the unique characteristics, gifts, and abilities that you have been blessed with- gifts that God has given to you. When someone compliments you, they are rarely trying to inflate your ego. More likely than not, they are trying to show that they love and respect the person that God has placed in their lives. Know the difference between flattery and admiration, but don’t assume it’s all flattery.

Are you comfortable with the way God made you? Can you recognize that you’re more than a smile and a bad hair day? If not, let me tell you something: you’re more than what you do or the daily mistakes that you make. You’re a warrior. You’re courageous. You’re a hard worker, a selfless caregiver, and an honorable friend. You are worthy of being complimented. Stop believing the lies that you’re not amazing, and that your life isn’t direct proof of God’s existence. It is. No one is telling you to stop being humble or to think of yourselves as better than others. Instead, take a moment to realize that you also have good qualities, and that you have every right to graciously accept a kind word.

So be free! Take a compliment today.


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